Truth about Hindu Punjabi exposed

In Sikhism we are taught to treat all human beings as equals and worthy of respect regardless of their background. The only way you can judge a person is by their character and actions not by their external factors. So the LGBT community are not allowed to be attacked or discriminated against as long they do not harm the Sikh community. There is not quotes or scriptures detailing how a Sikh who harm a homosexual because what they do or get up to in their own private homes or places away from Sikh institutions is there business its not for the Sikh community to judge or interfere unlike the abrahmic religions which actively hate on homosexuals and order them to be killed. The hindu religion accepts homosexuality, bestiality, incest and other sexualities that by today’s society and standards are not acceptable. But homosexuality is definitely accepted in hinduism as the hindu god’s were involved in such activities. But in india it is banned because of western abrahmaic hangups from the days of british empire Christian colonlisation.

So when I came across this website blog called I found it rather weird that a person would claim they are a gay Sikh yet continue to bash Sikhism rather than promote it. For example if you belong to a faith group or any other group and claim you a member of that group and want others to join you would want to promote that religion and give its positives but this guy running and on twitter seems to be very suspiciously trying to malign and undermine the very tenets of Sikhism the worlds 5th largest religion.

Furthermore I came across this article where he describes the gay indian guy (Jasvir Ginday) who murdered his wife (Varkha Rani) as a gay Sikh guy. Truth is this jasvir Ginday is actually a brtish born hindu punjabi but does admin want to tell the audience this? No because it suits his anti-sikh agenda of attacking Sikhism rather than promoting it. So being the hindu punjabi he is he is obviously not going to say a gay hindu punjabi murdered his wife. He is going to push that false narrative and label on the innocent Sikh community to undermine it, malign it and defame it.

You can read the full news article here (

The admin of does not need to follow Sikhism if he is is a Sikh he can be an atheist punjabi and enjoy the homosexual lifestyle thats up to him or he can be the hindu punjabi that he is and not have to worry that his lifestyle contradicts the teachings of hinduism because it wont. However if he claims to be a gay Sikh then there is a problem because homosexuality is neither condemned nor promoted nor talked about in gurbani Sikh scriptures. All that is promoted is heterosexuality as that’s the norm ie normal human sexual behaviour and it is the natural order of human society for a civilisation ot survive (ie you need a man and a woman to produce offspring and create a family unit).

So to conclude if you come across on twitter or on his blog website please do confront him as a hindu punjabi and please do tell him that he has nothing to do with Sikhism he is just a twisted evil anti-sikh guy bent on trying to defame Sikhism and pick a fight with Sikhs where there isnt one. Why doesnt he challenge the hindu nationalist bjp indian government for refusing to legalise homosexuality? He wont because he is a hindu punjabi simple.



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